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Rain Mountain LLC

"Where Imagination Touches Down"

Rain Mountain’s three functional branches all share the same strong integration of left-brain and right brain function. We merge a wide-ranging creative process with a laser sharp analytical capability built upon 25 years of business experience.

Rain Mountain Innovations:

Product development center featuring such innovative products as:

Flexi-vise, a revolutionary portable work vise that will help practically any object of any shape, gently but securely.

video/Flexivise3awmh.wmv (Works best with Internet Explorer)

Kitchen Guardian Smart Range Hood, the radical new ventilation device that will keep your family safe from any airborne hazards while reducing energy use dramatically. The first model of this hood will soon be available from Reversomatic.

Video of Reversomatic version

Video of Viking version  

Both of these exciting products are now available for licensing.  

Rain Mountain Solutions:

Consulting Services including Professional engineering, intellectual property, business strategy, energy conservation, sustainability, web content development, technical writing, documentation, public relations, marketing.  We have deep experience in the printing industry with 40 patents in that area. Creativity for hire. Let us help you articulate your vision.  Contact: bobs@rainmt.com

Rain Mountain Dreams:

Freelance writing, authoring, manuscript services, literary critiquing, writer coaching, inventor coaching, idea doctor. Magazine articles ranging from technology to intellectual property to sustainability. He has been working on a biography of inventor Jerome Lemelson.

Recent articles:

"Integral Leadership Review June 2007 article on SOL Sustainability Forum

"Down But Not Out," Feature Article, Mechanical Engineering. October 2004

"As Patent Laws Weaken, Innovation Suffers". Strategy+Business, Winter 2005


Flexi-vise prototype shown holding a delicate figurine securely and gently.

Kitchen Guardian Smart Range Hood model in operation.

Inventor Jerome Lemelson